the concept : Greybicycle was founded by Didier Carpentier in May, 2001 in Lausanne, Switzerland. His vision was to consolidate his passion for bicycle design with the most refined and exquisite production material:

Grade 9 3/2.5 Titanium

perfect, yet affordable : Didier's goal was to bring to the Titanium cycling community the most refined and technologically advanced product, but, at an affordable price.

With the assistance of a Titanium specialist and an industrial engineer, two prototypes were born. To ensure that first-class products could reach production, rigorous testing was performed on each prototype. The testing results yield three frames ready commercial production: the "A one" and the "twice R" models for road, and the "Soft R" for cross-country mountain biking.

The Greybicycle production line is an environment where equipment and materials can be tested to their limits. This environment is receiving significant recognition in Switzerland. In recognizing this and in the need to provide demanding racers with the competitive edge, several quality cycling outlets are now retailing our Greybicycle products.

the basis : in order to ensure a top-quality ride, the bicycle frame must be the ultimate achievement of cutting-edge technology design, precision geometry, and, meticulous alignment. Each of these are in every Greybicycle.

In the evolution of the Greybicycle design, products have undergone lengthy consultation with professional competitors and industrial specialists in order to produce a frame with technological advancements and visual appeal, exhilarating performance, yet, still be strong enough to withstand the rigors of a life fille with competition.

We have included numerous technological features in our frames: sloping geometry, ovalised tubing, rear wishbone and S-bend, and an integrated FSA 1-1/8 headset.

To demonstrate our belief in the Greybicycle technology, we feature a 10-year warranty/free replacement program. The frame that you purchase today will be made to fit your riding needs and expectations. Greybicycle products can be ordered be off-the-shelf or custom-made. The choice is yours.

the accessories : standard or over-sized stems (31.8 mm) are available and made with the same attention to detail and care as all of our products. Titanium seatposts and Titanium spacers may be ordered to complete your Titanium bicycle.